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This qualitative, multiple case study explored the experiences of elementary teachers and principals participating in school induction processes. The staggering rates at which new teachers are leaving the profession, coupled with high rates of teacher attrition, teacher retirements, and increases in student enrollment formed the impetus for this study. These factors have collectively contributed to the nation’s crucial demand for close to two million teachers. In an effort to increase the retention rate of new teachers, schools across the nation have implemented teacher induction processes. Teacher induction processes focus on providing support for teachers in their transition from their roles as college student or as teachers transferring from other schools. This study explored induction processes at three elementary schools acknowledged as Torchbearer Schools by the Alabama State Department of Education. Torchbearer Schools are high performing schools serving in high poverty areas. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to capture multiple realities of induction processes, and to generate meaningful data and analysis. Data was collected through independent interviews, observations, and a review of documents related to each school’s induction process and was analyzed through direct interpretation and categorical aggregation. Analysis of the data revealed themes and sub-themes that emerged at each school site. iii Similarities among school sites included the following: 1) at all three sites induction processes were embedded in the school’s infrastructure, 2) the induction of new teachers was viewed by principals and existing staff as a shared responsibility, and 3) the principals participating in this study clearly viewed themselves as primarily responsible for ensuring the successful induction of teachers new to their school. Differences among the sites included: 1) the communication style of the principals and, 2) differing perspectives on unmet needs during transition to a new school as voiced by novice teachers, transferring teachers, and teachers embarking on second careers.

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