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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) College of Arts and Sciences


Surface reconstruction from a set of sample points is important in many applications, including computer graphics, reverse engineering, computer vision and medical imaging. In this dissertation, several surface reconstruction techniques are investigated and the Alpha Shapes method is studied in detail. A new method, called Gamma Shapes, is introduced and implemented for reconstructing surfaces from a set of unorganized sample points. The Alpha Shapes method requires that the data point set be uniformly sampled in order to reconstruct an acceptable surface. Gamma Shapes method is an extension of the Alpha Shapes method with the advantage that the Gamma Shapes method needs only the xyz coordinates of the data points. Gamma Shapes method automatically selects a local factor, called , to indicate the local density information of the sample points. The value of is used to modulate the α value, which is used in the Alpha Shapes method for reconstructing surfaces. In this work, four ways of determining the value of are described and the results are analyzed and compared.



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