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Leon Jololian

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Kartikeyan Lingasubramanian

Abdollah S Mirbozorgi

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Engineering


The swift progression of the Internet of Things (IoT) architecture has revolutionized various industrial processes, including enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM). This dissertation develops a dynamic process framework for Identity and Access Management based on the Internet of Things architecture. System analysis with Digital Twin simulation explores the integration of IoT devices to enhance IAM in enterprises. Digital Twin is a virtual service that enabled us the creation of a comprehensive digital IAM environment to explore alternative designs. This dissertation begins by providing an overview of IoT architecture and its impact on enterprise IAM. It discusses the challenges enterprises face in managing identities and access in an increasingly connected world. The dissertation then introduces Digital Twin and its role in IoT, explaining how it can create a virtual representation of IAM processes and their lifecycle. The focus of this dissertation is on creating a process framework for IAM-based IoT architecture and Digital Twin simulation. This dissertation presents a detailed analysis of how Digital Twin can simulate IAM scenarios, test IAM policies, and predict the v impact of IAM changes in a controlled environment. This can lead to improved security, efficiency, and compliance.

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