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Nancy Borkowski

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Nathan Carroll

Ganisher Davlyatov

Stephan O'Connor

Robert Weech-Maldonado

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Health Professions


Hospitals are facing financially challenging times. Each year, billions of dollars are spent by hospitals to provide care to patients that, ultimately, will go unreimbursed. How to effectively provide accessible and affordable health care to the uninsured population continues to be a topic of discussion for policymakers, healthcare administrators, as well as healthcare-based consortiums, and consultant. The cost of charity care consists largely of the care provided to the uninsured population. Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) play an important role in providing primary care to the uninsured population, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. Based on the 5 A’s of Access, our study examines the association of availability and accessibility of FQHC delivery sites on hospital’s reported cost of charity care as a percent of operating expenses. Our results indicate a positive association between hospital’s cost of charity care and the number of FQHC delivery sites in the hospital’s zip code and a negative association between the hospital’s cost of charity care and the distance in miles between the hospital’s zip code and the nearest FQHC delivery site’s zip code.



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