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olescence, a period of rapid brain maturation and development coincides with the development of mental health disorders. Many teens in the United States with diagnosable mental health conditions lack mental health treatment due to limited access and provider availability, particularly affecting adolescents who are underserved. School-based interventions, including those centered around mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) have shown promise in their effectiveness among adolescents. This study examines the impact of an in-school MBSR-based program, MindUP, on mental health outcomes, including depressive symptomology, anxiety symptomology, and perceived stress, in adolescents who are underserved. Additionally, focus group discussions were conducted with students participating in the MindUP group. No significant group differences in mental health outcomes over time were found. Additionally, perceived program credibility was not related to change in mental health outcomes over time for those in the MindUP group, though perceived credulity itself did increase throughout the program. Focus group discussions revealed overall acceptability regarding the program and improvements to be made for the future. This work may inform future research on the impact of in-school mindfulness-based interventions on mental health outcomes of iv youth who are underserved and guide efforts to implement school-based MBSR programs to enhance resources for student mental health.