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The natural gas pipeline system is an integral part of the energy structure and critical to meeting energy demand in the United States. Natural gas compressor stations are the heart of the natural gas pipeline industry. Compressor stations compress the gas coming into the station and increase the pressure of the gas to ensure movement down the pipeline at the right operating pressure. This compression process is performed through natural-gas fire engines, such as reciprocating engines and turbines. Natural gas compressor station operations are subject to a wide range of environmental regulations. These regulations seek to mitigate the environmental impacts of the compressor station, such as hazardous waste generation, hazardous chemical storage, and wastewater generation and discharge. They also seek to control air emissions. Mitigating environmental impact(s) due to pipeline operations as well as improving compliance requires a greater understanding of compressor station operation. This dissertation provides an inside look at the current environmental compliance requirements for natural gas compressor stations. The study includes a review and applicability of current regulations for both air and non-air environmental regulations. From those regulatory evaluations, this dissertation develops environmental impact management strategies for the construction of new natural gas compressor stations. These strategies are also applicable to existing operations that are looking to reduce the number of environmental regulations applicable to natural gas compressor stations during construction, or updating existing equipment. This dissertation also recommends air emissions reducing strategies through the systematic replacement of compressor units based on categorical and operating parameters. This dissertation offers and recommends new policies and strategies that provide a practical framework for creating comprehensive environmental management of natural gas compressor stations and offers unique information on the environmental impacts of natural gas compressor stations. The environmental compliance policies and strategies presented in this dissertation support the natural gas industry’s current initiatives to reduce environmental air emissions and other environmental impacts from a natural gas compressor stations.

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