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Renato Camata

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Shane A Catledge

Mary Ellen Zvanut

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Master of Science (MS) College of Arts and Sciences


laser deposition (PLD) is a versatile technique for growing epitaxial heterostructures of a wide variety of novel materials combinations. Achieving low-defect layers with atomically sharp interfaces by PLD requires careful management of crystal growth conditions. Control over the flux of depositing particles, their kinetic energy, and the substrate temperature, is generally assumed to be sufficient to obtain high-quality single crystal epitaxy in vacuum. In this thesis, we explore measurements of other parameters of the PLD plasma, such as the ion and electron densities, which may provide quick in-situ guidance and insights into the tuning of the crystal growth and processing environment of PLD. Plasma measurements are carried out using Langmuir probes during ablation of solid elemental (Cu, Se), as well as compound targets (FeSe). Special attention is given to the role of laser-plasma interaction in the dependence of the plasma parameters with laser fluence and laser spot area. This exploration is relevant for future growth of thin films of the unconventional superconductor FeSe on substrates such as (100)-oriented SrTiO3 and MgO.



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