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The Seekers is a collection of connected short stories that follows the lives of nomads, travelers, and adventurers who leave one place in search of another. The work explores themes of belonging, visibility, grief, friendship, and survival. The characters in each story weave in and out of each other’s lives as they crisscross the country—fueled by a desire to find home, find themselves, and find connection with others. While they travel, there is the ever-present tension of finding food and shelter, catching rides, and avoiding authorities. In the midst of these challenges, the characters in The Seekers keep moving. Dumpy encounters constant opposition as he searches for a place to belong. Annie tries to move quick enough to outrun her past. Grey Jay attempts to make sense of the world around her through the lens of her 35mm camera. There are other characters, including Hobo, Imogene, Donna, Mouse, Cockroach, Skittles, and Doc, each with their own story to tell. In The Seekers, those on the edge of society are given a voice and an opportunity to share how they see the world.



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