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Background: Cigarette smoking is known to have a negative effect on individuals’ sleep quality, and symptoms of insomnia. Smoking can particularly exacerbate sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by increasing irritation and inflammation of the upper respiratory conducts. Previous research highlights the complex positive association between cigarette smoking and perceived stress. Sleep may be an important aspect intervening in the association between smoking and perceived stress, given that individuals who report high stress also report worse sleep quality and are at greater risk for OSA. However, limited research has examined the indirect association of cigarette smoking and perceived stress through sleep variables, including symptoms of OSA and sleep quality. Further research is needed to elucidate the impact of smoking and OSA on perceived stress. In addition, it is unclear how demographic variables such as race may affect these relationships. Methods: The present cross-sectional survey of n=459 community smokers and nonsmokers investigated these associations through parallel and moderated mediation models. Results: Controlling for sex, income, and employment, multivariate analyses supported the hypothesis that smokers tend to report worse sleep quality and more severe symptoms of OSA, in turn leading to greater reports of perceived stress. These associations were comparable across non-Hispanic Black and White participants. Racial identity did not moderate these indirect effects. Conclusion: Findings highlight the need for stress-reduction approaches, OSA screening, and behavioral sleep medicine components to be included in smoking-cessation interventions.



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