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Laminations are a topological and combinatorial way to represent connected Julia sets of polynomials. A lamination is the boundary of the closed unit disk with a closed collection of chords that do not intersect on the interior of the disk. The standard d to 1 covering map of the circle represents the application of a degree d polynomial to its Julia set. The laminations of interest here are those that contain a d-gon which first returns to itself under the standard covering map by the identity (other polygons in laminations may first return rotated). It is known that a polygon that returns to itself by the identity has a maximum of d sides (Kiwi). We are particularly interested in d-gons whose sides simultaneously approach all of the criticality in the lamination. These particular d-gons seem to have a correspondence to unicritical laminations. We are exploring the correspondence between these two types of very different, yet closely related, laminations.



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