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Multiple cognitive training approaches for cognitive impairment following acquired brain injury have been found to improve cognitive functioning in the laboratory setting. However, current studies suffer from a lack of focus on the transfer of improved cognitive functioning from the laboratory setting to a patient’s everyday life. This case series addresses this lack of treatment transfer using a collection of behavioral techniques known as the Transfer Package. The Transfer Package works alongside clinical and in-laboratory training of functional cognitive impairments to improve an individual’s real-world functioning and independence after injury. This cognitive training case series utilizes this Transfer Package in chronic phase post-stroke individuals with cognitive impairment. This case series consists of six participants with mild to moderate post-stroke cognitive impairment who underwent an intervention that utilized speed of processing training and behavioral techniques to improve real-world cognitive functioning. The overarching goal of this project was to demonstrate the feasibility of transferring functional treatment improvements from the laboratory setting into a patient’s everyday life.



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