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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Education


This study examined the effects of a mindfulness-based intervention on the presence of disruptive behavior in children with autism spectrum disorder in the early childhood inclusion classroom. Students with emotional dysregulation are not equipped with the ability to manage their own behavior. This often leads to major disruptions in the general education setting, interfering with the student’s learning and the learning of others. An ABAB single-case research design was conducted on four students with autism between the ages of five and eight to determine the effects of a mindfulness-based intervention on their disruptive behavior patterns. The researcher adapted a mindfulness-based intervention comprised of structured breathing, mindful movement activities, and statements of positive affirmation for use during this six-week study. Data were collected in the classroom after participating in the intervention and during baseline phases to determine if there is a causal relationship between the intervention and disruptive behavior. Using visual analysis, the researcher concluded that there is a functional relation between participation in a mindfulness-based intervention and the rate of disruptive behavior.

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