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Doctor of Education (EdD) School of Education


This dissertational work provides an analysis between school leader emotional intelligence and academic achievement using selected indicators of student achievement in Alabama high schools. Emotional intelligence levels were measured by administering The Shutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test to willing high school principal participants in the state of Alabama. The student achievement measures include: (a) high school graduation rate, (b) performance on the American College Test (ACT), and (c) chronic student absenteeism. After running several numerical analyses between emotional intelligence (independent variable) and student achievement (dependent variable) and controlling for certain subpopulations, the statistical analyses data revealed that there were no significant correlations between any of the total emotional intelligence scores or subscale scores and any of the of the student achievement data of graduation rate, chronic absenteeism, or composite ACT scores when controlling for school variances of student enrollment, minority population, and free and reduced lunch percentage.

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