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The endocrine system is essential for the maintenance and regulation of skeletal muscle growth and metabolic processes, as secretions of growth-related hormones directly regulate these systems. The roles of these growth-related hormones are well understood in mammals yet are not well defined in teleosts. Thus, the work outlined in these chapters provides novel insight for the actions of two growth-related hormones, Growth Hormone (GH) and Teneurin C-terminal Associated Peptide (TCAP), in fish skeletal muscle. First, Chapter 2 highlights the work expanding the application of resazurin as a novel method of in vivo metabolic assessment across fish life-stages, which was utilized to investigate the roles of TCAP in fish metabolism. This assay is a cost-efficient, non-invasive, and accurate method of measuring metabolism in fish, which is a great advantage to the field of metabolism. Chapter 3 identifies, for the first time, the potent roles of rtTCAP-3 in fish metabolism and demonstrates the conserved roles of TCAP in vertebrates. Lastly, Chapter 4 provides the first in-depth analysis of the direct actions of GH on serum deprived muscle, in vitro. Overall, these results have broadened our knowledge about TCAP and GH and the basic scientific understanding regarding their roles in growth, metabolism, and local gene expression in fish. The work presented here could be applied to aquaculture and human health studies to improve related practices and disorders.



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