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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Education


This qualitative study used a tailored historical narrative approach to raise a con-nection with the reader that is not possible with approaches that are more impersonal and thus illustrated some of the richness of historical techniques. The purpose of this historical narrative study was to explore how early childhood African American women in the state of Alabama perceive the disparity within African American education for young children and advanced early childhood programs and schools based on need, desire, and care. The central questions that the researcher probed within this study included: (a) How did four heroic African American women construct, advance, and sustain early childhood education schools for African American children from slavery to the Civil Rights Movement in the state of Alabama? (b) Who were the African American women and how did their identities and views about early childhood impact change within the state of Alabama for African American children? (c) How did social and economic services in Alabama influence African American women in creating the African American kindergarten movement during the period from 1892-1945? (d) How did each woman promote early childhood education for young African American children to improve the quality of care in the state of Alabama? The diligence within each woman to pursue a richer life for young African American children within the state of Alabama is told within this historiography.

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