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Mesenchymal stem cells have been very attractive treatment modality in regenerative medicine, but not so much in regenerative dentistry. This can be attributed to the difficulty in obtaining dental origin stem cells without extracting a tooth or other invasive procedures. Autogenous gingival graft harvested from palatal tissue is used as the gold standard for treating single tooth recession. The healing of the gingival graft has been shown to be mostly depended on the recipient side more than the graft itself. This study is aiming to find if the palatal tissue has cells with mesenchymal characteristics that are helping in the healing of the graft, this can help not only in soft tissue formation, but also in hard tissue formation. The study also aimed to find any difference in the cells harvested from two different areas in the palate, premolar vs molar. 7 patients were recruited, and palatal tissues were harvested from them, cells from only 2 patients were able to be used in proliferation and differentiation experiment. Proliferation of cells from both palatal sites over 96 hours showed no difference between the two sites. Both cells showed osteogenic potential when supplemented with a media containing ascorbic acid and β-glycerol phosphate as detected with ALP stain and von Kossa stain. PCR analysis showed that both sites upregulated ALP expression and only the premolar upregulated Runx2 gene expression. Neither cell lines showed any adipogenic potential. The results of this study should be interpreted with caution due to the limited number of patients. Larger human studies are required to investigate the potential of gingival cells harvested from the palatal tissue and their possible application in regenerative dentistry.

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