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Arie Nakhmani

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Amy Amara

Earl Wells

Karthikeyan Lingasubramanian

Leon Jololian

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Engineering


We propose a self-supervised, model-free deep reinforcement learning architecture with cascade reward for unmanned aerial vehicle navigation and target interception in a 3D environment. The first contribution of the dissertation solves the problem of partial observability when non-linear function approximators are used for learning stochastic policies. The second contribution optimizes the problem of maximizing the total expected rewards. The third contribution trains the agent in a photo-realistic environment with a real physics engine. To achieve these goals, a deep Q-network that combines double and dueling architectures is adopted as a value function approximator, and the prioritized experience replays the sample independent and identically distributed random variables from the experiences with the highest relevance to the interception and obstacle avoidance tasks. A new simulator is developed for training drones to track and intercept a target. We demonstrate that our approach achieves better results in learning policies compared to state-of-the-art deep Q-network algorithms.

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