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This research study aims to determine the presence of disaster medical preparedness in residents of the Birmingham metropolitan area. A concurrent collection of qualitative and quantitative data analysis was used to assess the perceived risk of a natural disaster, determine the socioeconomic status of residents, evaluate the health needs of residents, and examine the presence of disaster medical preparedness. Face-to-face interviews of research participants were conducted for six weeks at five churches: 6th Avenue Baptist Church, Avondale Church of Christ, Mountain Brook Community Church, Southside Church of God, and True Love Church of Ensley. In analyzing the results of the research survey and comparing them to the information gathered from previous studies conducted on the recent natural disasters in the Birmingham area, most reliable sources for information on disasters and emergencies, and risk perception, conclusions were drawn about how prepared the interviewed participants were for a disaster or emergency. The results indicate that the health literacy level of participants was high but risk perception for the likelihood of a natural disaster was low among Birmingham area residents. Building trust in communication between health care organizations, local government, and the community is essential in bridging this gap to increase disaster medical preparedness.



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