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Yogesh Vohra

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Renatto P Camata

Raymond B Thompson

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Master of Science (MS) College of Arts and Sciences


Synthetic diamond is increasingly called upon to play important roles in high-tech machining. This thesis follows the progress of nanostructured diamond films deposited on tungsten-carbide lathe inserts by means of MPCVD. Testing of films was done under the rigors of dry turning. Comparisons were made to the performance of uncoated WCCo, polycrystalline diamond compacts (PCD) and microcrystalline diamond (MCD) coated lathe inserts in the categories of surface finish and lifespan. Attempts were also made to correlate nanodiamond film performance to indentation tests and Raman spectroscopy. Raman results indicate that specifically the peak at 1556 cm-1 is detrimental to film lifespan and that a higher concentration of nanodiamond as evident in the 1136 cm-1 peak is beneficial for a longer lasting film.



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