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Vinoy Thomas

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Robin D Foley

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Engineering


A great need exists for innovative, functional materials. Specifically, functional materials must meet the necessary mechanical and interfacial properties for successful bio-integration for end goals such as medical implants. A gap in the knowledge existed before this work. This work addressed that gap through an experimental approach that employed low-temperature plasma (LTP) processing of fibrous, polyester constructs to produce functional materials. First, atmospheric-pressure plasma processing of electrospun polyester fibers, in a tubular geometry, was reported. Characterization of that system was conducted. Next, the effects of magnetized plasmas were reported. That report was a novel application of magnetized plasma and showed an increase in processing efficiency with magnetized plasmas. Finally, the unexplored territory of organic, alkanolamine low-temperature plasma was reported as a method for producing a novel functional material. The evidence supports the hypothesis that this material releases nitric oxide into aqueous media upon aging.

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