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Faculty Chair: Curry Bordelon
Clinical Mentor: Emily Guess
Presented: DNP Orientation UAB School of Nursing, July 2023

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DNP Orientation UAB School of Nursing


Birmingham, AL





Background: In 2017, approximately 425 million adults are reported to be living with diabetes. There has been a 37% increase in the number of pregnant women with diabetes and a 56% increase in women diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Because patients with diabetes spend almost twice as much time in the hospital than those without diabetes, it is imperative to incorporate continuing education to maintain diabetic knowledge and continue to advance nurses’ overall competence in this area. The purpose of this quality improvement (QI) project is to initiate a standardized diabetic training process for RN staff within the Labor and Delivery Unit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center through the implementation of an evidence-based diabetic training bundle.

Methods: This QI project will be conducted on the Labor and Delivery Unit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and includes only full time, part time, and per diem staff nurses. The creation of this Diabetic bundle is a supportive measure for staff including training, laminated reference pages, informational PowerPoints, quarterly emails with “tips” and frequently asked questions. The PowerPoint contains educational material about diabetic patients and the current protocols. The project's pre- and post- implementation testing evaluates the nurses’ baseline knowledge and the efficacy of the Diabetic Bundle.

Results: Data will compare confidence and knowledge pre and post implementation of informational PowerPoint and training session. Successful utilization of the teach-back method as demonstrated by the diabetic nurse champions. Pre- and post- test data will be analyzed with utilization of the paired T-test.

Implications of Intervention and Sustainability Plans: By implementing a diabetic evidencebased bundle, we hope to improve nurses' knowledge and confidence as evidenced by improvement from pre- to post-test scores/RN surveys and successful utilization of the teachback method performed by the diabetic champion nurses. This DNP project establishes a process for diabetic training for utilization on other units within VUMC. While information involved might vary for different units, the diabetic bundle used in this project can provide the foundation and standard for implementation.

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Diabetic Training for Nurses Through an Evidence-Based Bundle

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