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Murat M Tanik

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Ronald W Dodson

Mohammad R Haider

Cynthia M Jones

Bharat Soni

Murat N Tanju

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Engineering


This dissertation is focused on the phenomenon of implementing abstractions from complex problem domains in concrete software systems. The question of this inquiry is to determine how an agile software development process, in particular Extreme Programming, supports the development of large software systems as solutions for complex problem domains. This study used the Grounded Theory Methodology to identify and explain the qualities of software development using the Extreme Programming methodology and to construct a theory grounded in data collected from interviews of experienced practitioners of Extreme Programming, from observations of Extreme Programming in practice, and from a review literature related to the question. Information gained from this study can be used in understanding the reasons for selecting a methodological approach for developing software for complex problems.

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